SnapClarity believes in making high quality mental health care more accessible. To this end, SnapClarity advocates for greater and more flexible mental health coverage to both insurance companies and industry. 

Coverage with Current Insurance System

In the meantime, the majority of employer health insurance plans covers therapy by clinical psychologists. These professionals have a PhD in clinical psychology. Care by clinical psychologists in the private sphere typically ranges from $180-$250/hour. Limited private insurance coverage leads many clients to be unable to afford longer-term therapy with clinical psychologists - unless they have the ability to pay out of pocket.

More recently, some employer health insurance plans will cover therapy provided by Master's level registered social workers and counsellors. This care is sometimes covered on its own; however, it is more often covered if those professionals are supervised by a clinical psychologist. Care by Master's level registered social workers and counsellors ranges from $80-$150/hour. This lower cost allows clients to make greater use of their employment insurance, and for some, makes paying out of pocket more manageable. 

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During Informed Consent 

At SnapClarity, we encourage therapists (social workers and counsellors) and clients to discuss client insurance coverage upfront. This conversation is to ensure that therapy provided by the specific therapist is covered under their plan. 

To find this out, clients (or their therapist) may need to contact their insurance company to ensure their therapist's designation is covered under their insurance or benefits plan.

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If a client learns that therapy with the therapist they have been matched with is not covered by their insurance, they are welcome to contact SnapClarity through our support form.

If clients experience issues with insurance coverage, we ask that they work with their therapist directly to navigate this issue.  

Please consult your insurance benefit package to find out your coverage. SnapClarity cannot guarantee your therapist's services will be reimbursed.

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